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The bears were founded on May 3, 2007 under the name Team Sofia.  It quickly became popular through Bulgaria and the Balkans.  The Bears were the first team in Bulgaria to compete with full equipment and on the international level.  The Bears have played championship throughout Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and even in Austria with the junior team.  For two years in a row, the bears finished at the top  of the Serbia League, Division III, but are unable to move to a higher division since they come from a different country.  The Bears have a children’s and youth team that competes in flag football, and its adult team competes in various championships and tournaments, including in 11 on 11, 8 on 8 (which is the current BFAF format), 5 on 5 flag football, and Iron Flag football.


At the Bears, we rely on knowledge and experience to develop as a team and are proud to have the most experienced and knowledgeable coaching staff.  Our coaching staff includes a coach for the children and youth team, a conditioning coach, and coaches for each offensive and defensive position.  All of the coaching staff are experienced players, having played for the Bears as well as teams in Serbia and the United States.  The coaches have developed and honed their skills by attending coaching seminars and camps in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Croatia.


The Bears are active in a variety of camps for the development of sports and players.  We have also been active participants in the creation and structure of the BFAF.

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Player development is the basis of the team.  Throughout our history, we have partnered with every team in Bulgaria and never miss an opportunity to engage in an American football event.  Bears players have taken part in various types of training and events for the sport, including Live Actively, International Sports Week, the Sports We Didn’t Grow Up With event, International Children’s day with Radio FM+, and many others.

Our mission is to promote American football and introduce everyone to the benefits of sports from an early age.  We believe that we can improve the world around us and show that sports can be a celebration for young and old alike and a fun family event for all.

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