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Our Mission

“The sport is not just running and hitting , there is a great amount of tactics involved. The idea is to create a community that not only works for American football, but also for the future of the country. It's an amazing environment for development, and we're hoping for this little bubble that we have to grow and get bigger, get more people involved, and have a long-term impact on the future of our country."
Alexander Kenanov, coach and player of the Sofia Bears

The Bears
are much more than a team, we are a family. United by a common passion, we try to create a better, cleaner and sportier world around us.
Part of our philosophy is to do something good for everyone who has touched the team and the sport, starting from an early age.
In America, the big American football teams are a driving force for their societies and we try to reach this sports philosophy on Bulgarian soil.

We believe that we can help people and our country!  Get involved! Become a friend of the Bears!