Sofia Bears 45 : 00 Obrenovac Hawks hero banner

Sofia Bears 45 : 00 Obrenovac Hawks

Sofia Bears 45 : 00 Obrenovac Hawks



On June 28, the Sofia Bears visited Obrenovac, Serbia for their last Serbian league match this season. Bears for the first time took part in a real championship in American football in our western neighbor. Despite the debut, before this match the bears were 2nd in the standings with 2 wins and 1 loss and needed a convincing victory with at least 23 points to become first. Bad weather in Obrenovac foreshadowed a very difficult battle with the locals Hawks, who play mostly on ground, while the Bears play mostly by passes


The many injuries forced the Bears to arrive with a reduced squad of only 18 people (just for comparison, professional teams have 53 players at their disposal), which meant that most would have to play offense, defense and on special teams (punt, punt return, kickoff, extra point) against double most of the opponent's players.

The game started under a torrential rain and quite unconvincingly for the Bears – with a dropped ball (fumble) and a change of possession. On that day, however, the Bears' defense was more than good from the start and not only left no chance of advancing the Hawks' offense, but also punished the opponent severely for every yard taken and even often turned the opponent back. With 4 linemen and 4 linebackers, the ball hardly reached the 2nd corners and the safety. Alexander Kenanov, the Bears captain returning for this match, "propitiated" the Hawks ball running and brought them to the ground often with very heavy blows.


As the game progressed, the Bears' offense began to advance, led by otherwise WR player Christian Chan, who entered this match as a quarterback at the injured Nikolay Georgiev's position. The Bears scored a total of 7 touch-downs, and at half-time they had already secured the points they needed to be first in the standings – 12:00 in the first quarter and 13:00 in the second. However, the Bears played to the max until the end of the game and besides Chan and Kenanov who scored 2 and 3 touch downs respectively, Edvard Berov scored in the game after a short pass and ran nearly 60 yards and Veselin Bonchev scored after a long pass. Todor Stamenov scored 2 of 3 attempts for extra points and ran the last attempt for 2 points bringing the score to a defeating 45 to 0. The best defender in the match was chosen the defensive end (DE) Martin Dimitrov, after his excellent game and the best shot in the whole match, and for the best player – Christian Chan.


The season started the way it ended – with a lot of dedication, selfless and team play and most importantly – with first place in Group South of the Serbian League.

We thank all our fans and our sponsor Britos for their unreserved support and for believing in us! As they say "there is no offseason", so we start preparing for the autumn matches! #noexcuses

Final ranking:
1. Sofia Bears 3 – 1 (125:28)
2. Jagodina Black Hornets 3-1 (102:63)
3. Obrenovac Hawks 0 – 4 (24:160)