Sofia Bears 41:6 Golden Bears, Bor hero banner

Sofia Bears 41:6 Golden Bears, Bor

Sofia Bears 41:6 Golden Bears, Bor


This weekend the Sofia Bears visited the Golden Bears from Bor, Serbia as part of the first round of the 3rd League of the Serbian American Football Association (SAAF)

In the derby of the 3rd league the Bulgarian team won convincingly with 41 to 6, despite the many injuries and absent players. The Bears came out with only 17 registered players, which in American football is below the minimum needed by each team, as the people who play in attack and defense should be different 11. In this case, each player was obliged to give everything and play the match under the scorching Sunday sun and 30 degrees, as guests and against the numerically superior team of Golden bears

The game itself did not start well for the Bears, as after 2 successful passes the hosts surprisingly quickly managed to open the scoring after a touchdown by their most dangerous player in the match – the receiver Alexander Janicevic.

However, hardened by the many battles together, the Bulgarians were not at all influenced by this development of the result – the attack started extremely convincingly, mainly thanks to the superiority of our offensive line, which without problems opened holes in the opponent's defense and the explosive duo of runners-up Alexander Kenanov and Atanas Atanasov won yards without problems every time they ran with the ball. The first touchdown of the returning captain and playing with #55 – Kenanov was not long in coming.

From here until the end of the game there was only one team on the field. Every attempt of the hosts to attack was crossed by the ruthless Bulgarian defense. Except in the offense and defensive line composed of almost the same players played very strong and just did not give a chance to run on the ground, and the convincing game of linebackers and defensive backs did not give a chance for passes.

Thus, the Bulgarians continued to score and move the ball on the field – Todor Stamenov, Bears's longtime receiver scored his on-duty touchdown after a long pass by quarterback Nikolay Georgiev, and Atanas Atanasov, who played as a runningback and as a linebacker, scored one touch with a run and one after crossing a pass (interception – a total of 4 in this match). For another match, the Bears' quarterback performed at a level and so Niki is consolidating himself as an important part of this increasingly strong squad, which is already playing a second season in the Serbian league and it is getting better. The last touchdown was the work of reserve Alexander Mitsov, who also showed a powerful run on the ground.

Thus the Bulgarian bears took this so important first victory. Only 2 more wins separate them from the playoffs and the opportunity to qualify and play in the top 2nd division next year. The Bears' next game is against Smederevo's team on May 15.



1/4 – 06: 13
06:00 – 35-yard pass, Dobroslav for Alexander Janicevic; Extra point failed
06:07 – running 55 yards, Alexander Kenanov; Todor Stamenov: a successful additional point
06: 13 – 30 yards pass, Nikolay Georgiev to Todor Stamenov; Todor Stamenov: unsuccessful extra point
2/4 – 00: 07
06: 20 – Truncated pass, Atanas Atanasov; Todor Stamenov: a successful additional point
3/4 – 00: 15                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      06:27 – running 10 yards, Nikolay Georgiev; Todor Stamenov: a successful additional point
06: 35-7- running Atanas Atanasov; Radoslav Tashev, successful realization of 2 additional points
4/4 – 00: 06
06: 41 – running 5-yarder, Alexander Mitsov; Todor Stamenov: unsuccessful extra point