Sofia bears 39:6 Black hornets (Serbia) hero banner

Sofia bears 39:6 Black hornets (Serbia)

Sofia bears 39:6 Black hornets (Serbia)


As most of you know, this year the best American football team in Bulgaria – the Sofia Bears will take part in the Third Serbian League. On Saturday 18.04.2015 in Sofia. Jagodina, Serbia the Bulgarians faced the home team - "Black Hornets" in a battle of the first round. The Serb team consisted of almost forty people, including former players of some of the most elite teams in Serbia, and in contrast to the experience and strength of their veterans, the Hornets had a core of fast and pernicious young people from their own school. In turn, the twenty-five "Bears" proudly waved the Bulgarian flag on the field and without a shred of fear entered the battle.


Traditionally, Sofia started distracted and in the first three plays the hosts reached ten yards from our end-zone. The bears defense, however, woke up, stopped the attack, and the attempt to field goal was unsuccessful. From now on, there was only one team on the field and although at half-time the Bulgarians withdrew for rest with only the six points scored by Atanas Atanasov, who played great this match, the "bears" kept the game under control.

The boys came out extremely concentrated after the break and with the first play of this game after the resumption of the game debuting as a quarterback Nikolay Georgiev shot thirty yard bomb right into the hands of the swift-footed receiver Todor Stamenov, who in the forty-yard race to the end-zone of the "hornets" outran the three chasing defenders – 12: 0. Stamenov also scored the extra point after his touchdown. The Bears' defense stopped the raids of the hosts, and in the ensuing attack QB Georgiev slipped behind his strong offensive line and scored for 19: 0. Stamenov scored again with a shot over the beam and so at the end of the third quarter the score was already 20:0.

There were heated minutes, the battle coarsened nervous hosts began to make rash violations which only irritated our boys, the defensive line of the "bears" played even more furiously and in another pressure of their quarterback he hurriedly threw the ball into the hands of playing defense Atanasov, who with the help of extremely hearty blocking of his teammates scored for 26: 0.

The Black Hornets still scored after a controversial touchdown. This only irritated the Bears. In the remaining eight minutes to the end of the match Atanas Atanasov scored another touchdown, followed by a successful extra point from Todor Stamenov, and after again crossed by Atanasov ball, putting for the first time full equipment Alexander Mitsov scored the last six points for the "bears" forty seconds before the end of the match – 39: 6.

The match ended with friendly greetings and lots of smiles. The Bears started with a victory their adventure called "Serbian League". The best part was that the boys won the game in the strongest way – with an exceptional team spirit. Photos and videos of the match coming soon.

The next match is on 09.05.2015 in Sofia, this time against Obrenovac Hawks, when the "bears" will try to delight their fans even more expressive victory.