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The camp of the Sofia Bears Hellcamp 2023

The camp of the Sofia Bears Hellcamp 2023


Hibernation is typical for bears, a state of deep and prolonged winter sleep. One bear species does not hibernate and is not afraid of the March cold - The Sofia Bears. The legendary American football team from the capital city, resolutely went through the first of its kind three-day sports camp "Hellcamp 2023", which took place from March 17th to 19th in the town of Samokov. Three days filled with positive (sometimes quite sweaty) emotions, friendship, physical tests, and most of all American football. More than 40 players took part in the three-day adventure marked by 8 specialized and challenging workouts. The camp was part of the team's preseason preparation for the upcoming games in the BFAF and Balkan League.

The Bears spent the weekend in complete isolation in the fresh air by the Iskar river, where they tested their physical abilities, perfected their game, and bonded as a team.

The first day started with a cross through the snowy forest hills of Samokov, where teammates split into groups and competed in various challenges, sharing a fun first workout. Then the Bears put on their gear and continued the afternoon with physical exercises, easily going through the well-known BEEP test and finishing with football drills, and the day ended with a team meeting and tactical video analysis.


Day two continued the already established pace with football scrimmages before lunch in full gear, this time on an empty stomach, further testing the sporting spirit of the Bears. The next training session of the day lasted two and a half hours and saw each of the players leave a part of themselves on the pitch sheltered in the foothills - in return the boys received a pair of muddy boots and sweat-soaked football gear, but the real reward was in the effort put in and the situations played out. After consuming a certain amount of calories, everyone went back into one of the hotel's conference rooms to discuss strategy and analyze video footage.

Each new morning of the camp brought new soreness in specific muscle groups for the participants, and day three was no different, their bodies with two consecutive and final bouts on two separate stadiums, focusing on Offense and Defense, respectively. The Sofia Bears sent off "Hellcamp 2023" with an intense two-hour scrimmage, accompanied by the cries of battling demons and the surge of strength and confidence that the well-executed camp had instilled in them. In the early afternoon of Sunday, everyone vacated their rooms, and most of the bears went to Sofia, while the rest visited Sapareva Banya to rest and share their impressions of the previous days.


"Hellcamp 2023" was an unparalleled event in Bulgaria, starting with flawless organization, passing through the fantastic structure of the training regime, and ending with the satisfaction of all who participated. The Sofia Bears once again proved themselves as pioneers in the Bulgarian community for American football and demonstrated how a sports event of this nature should be conducted.