Balkan Arena Football League in Sofia on 8-9 June hero banner

Balkan Arena Football League in Sofia on 8-9 June

Balkan Arena Football League in Sofia on 8-9 June


On the weekend of June 8-9, at the National Sports Academy, Sofia will be held the Balkan American Football League. Organizers of this unique event are the team Sofia Bears together with the Federation of American Football Bulgaria.


For the first time in Sofia will be held such a large-scale competition related to the new sport for Bulgaria – American football. Guests of the Bears will be the Romanian team Bucharest "Predators" and the Serbian Obrenovac "Hawks", and the four is complemented by a combined team of the other new Bulgarian teams Sofia Hawks, Pleven Blades, Sofia Warriors and Silistra Stalions.

There will be a serious battle during the two-day tournament. In Serbia, this sport is extremely well developed and even American players play professionally in the local championship, and Romania this year already has an active championship. In Bulgaria, the sport is also developing, as this year there are 8 registered teams in the federation, and the national championship has already started.

For now, the team of Sofia Bears retains its leadership position due to the long experience of the team's players. This year, 6 players took part in the Serbian championship playing for the team of Kraljevo.

The tournament will be opened on Saturday 8 June at 10:30 with a short schedule. The audience will be able to enjoy a spectacular battle, while at the same time there will be music, professional commentator, catering, and other surprises.

On the first day 4 games will be played, and on the second another 2, on the principle of everyone against everyone. The big and big finals will be on Sunday.


Saturday, June 8:

1. Sofia Bears : Obrenovac Hawks 11:00 2. Sofia Pack : Bucharest Predators 12:00
3. Bucharest Predators : Obrenovac Hawks 13:00
4. Sofia Pack : Sofia Bears 14:00

Sunday, June 9:

5. Sofia Pack : Obrenovac Hawks 11:00 6. Sofia Bears : Bucharest Predators 12:00 7. Match 3-4 place 13:00 8. Grand Final 14:00

The tournament would not have been possible without the support of the sponsors of the event – Britos Brewery, Renault-Nissan Bulgaria with the Dacia brand and travel agency Thanks also for the assistance of Mr. Dimitar Dilchev, Mayor of Studentski District, Sofia Municipality, for the help and assistance in organizing the tournament.