Who are the Bears?

Sports Club Sofia Bears - founded on May 3, 2007, is the first team in Bulgaria to play American football with full equipment and a direct successor of the Sofia Lions (February 5, 1995), whose veterans are the basis for the creation of the "Bears".

Over the years, the team has become a solid foundation for the imposition and development of American football in the country, and it also has a children's team.

The team is a main participant and organizer in all types of tournaments and camps in Bulgaria, as well as in numerous international events in Serbia, Romania, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, winning the cup in the III Serbian League in 2016, and in 2014 our player receives a scholarship and plays in NCAAF Division II.

The Sofia Bears are a full member of BFAF.

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From 5 years old, join us to discover Flag football and American football.

Combativeness, team spirit and surpassing oneself are the key words.

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