Sofia Bears win the Griffin Bowl hero banner

Sofia Bears win the Griffin Bowl

Sofia Bears win the Griffin Bowl


On 4-5 April in Blagoevgrad was held the annual tournament Griffin Bowl organized by the team of Blagoevgrad Griffins. This year a total of 4 teams took part in the tournament – the hosts Griffins, Sofia Bulldozers and Bears and Plovdiv Wolves. The good weather on Saturday and the great desire for victory on the part of all teams foreshadowed serious battles.


Here are the results of the first day of the tournament:

Blagoevgrad Griffins 25 : 41 Sofia Bears

Plovdiv Wolves 31 : 00 Sofia Bulldozers

Sofia Bears 38 : 00 Plovdiv Wolves

Sofia Bulldozers 06 : 36 Blagoevgrad Griffins

During the second day of the tournament, the last matches of the regular clashes were played and they determined which teams would go to the final – namely the Bears and Griffins:

Blagoevgrad Griffins 22 : 12 Plovdiv Wolves

Sofia bears 19 : 06 Sofia bulldozers

3-4 place
Plovdiv Wolves 24 : 12 Sofia Bulldozers

Sofia Bears 38 : 00 Blagoevgrad Griffins

At the very final, the bears' team mobilized as much as possible and did not give a chance to the otherwise well played so far Griffins.

The good organization and beautiful game of all teams marked another edition of the Griffin Bowl – this is how this year's state championship of American flag football was opened.