Bears win Balkan Arena American Football League hero banner

Bears win Balkan Arena American Football League

Bears win Balkan Arena American Football League



The second day of the tournament "Balkan Arena American Football League" held in Sofia offered more interesting matches to the fans of American football in Bulgaria.

The very first match pitted Obrenovac Hawks from Serbia against the team of the Sofia Pack in a direct fight for a place in the final, for which the Sofia Bears had already qualified. An extremely tied match in which the Serbian team led with 2 touch downs mainly after mistakes of the Sofia team.

However, it was obvious that the Bulgarian team was more technical and fast. After mobilization, the Bulgarians managed to equalize and take the lead before the end of the half. For many of the boys from the Sofia pack, this was the first match with full equipment. However, everyone played well and the second half just did not give a chance to the opponent and won emphatically.

In the last match of the regular matches, the Bears expectedly beat Bucharest Predators.

In the small final, the Serbian and Romanian teams met, but the match was mostly one-sided and despite the selfless game of the Romanians, they never managed to score a touch down.

Thus, the tournament offered an entirely Bulgarian final. Sofia Bears against the Sofia Pack. In this match, the Bears again prevailed over the driven, but much younger and inexperienced team of the Pack. The pack still managed to score an honorable touch-down and extra point, which were also the first against the Bears' team. However, this failed to help them get back into the Game and the Bears won emphatically 48 to 7.

The tournament ended with awarding prizes and medals to the 4 participating teams, and the young player of the Sofia Bears – Nikolay Stefanov was chosen as a player of the tournament.


5. Sofia Pack 38 : 26 Obrenovac Hawks
6. Sofia Bears 34 : 00 Bucharest Predators
7. Match 3-4 place Obrenovac Hawks 28 : 00 Bucharest Predators
8. Grand Final Sofia Bears 48 : 07 Sofia Pack

Final ranking
1. Sofia Bears 4-0, 148 : 13
2. Sofia Pack 2-2, 81 : 106
3. Obrenovac Hawks 2-2, 80 : 74
4. Bucharest Predators 0-4, 02 : 118

Best competitor of the tournament- /MVP/- Nikolay Stefanov /Sofia Bears/

Top scorer of the Tournament- 32 points- Nikolay Stefanov /Sofia Bears/

Best Bulgarian competitor Nikolay Stefanov /Sofia Bears/- award of Direction Kom- three-day excursion for two in hotel Terra complex - Sofia. Razlog

Best competitor of Sofia Bears - Nikolay Stefanov - award from Mr. Nikolay Partanakov - latest model football shoes