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American football flag tournament

American football flag tournament


On April 4 and 5, an American flag football tournament was held in Blagoevgrad. Hosts from Blagoevgrad Griffins, Sofia Streis, Sofia Oldschools, Sofia Underdogs and Pleven Bravehearts took part in it. The matches were held on the court next to the new administration building of the American University, on a one-on-one basis. The weather was great and the teams put up an excellent race. As expected, Sofia Streis won all four of their matches and their team finished top of the group. The tournament precedes the upcoming American Flag Football Championship, which will start in May.


1. Sofia Streis – 4 wins

2. Sofia Underdogs – 3 wins

3. Sofia Oldschools – 2 wins

4. Blagoevgrad Griffins – 1 win

5. Pleven Bravehearts – 0 wins