The Sofia Bears welcome the Bucharest Warriors hero banner

The Sofia Bears welcome the Bucharest Warriors

The Sofia Bears welcome the Bucharest Warriors


On November 12 (Saturday), at 1 p.m., at the Rugby Stadium in the National Sports Academy, the Sofia Bears will welcome one of their oldest rivals – The warriors from Bucharest.


The last time the two teams met was on March 26, when the Bears defeated their rival in the middle of Bucharest by 12 to 0. Since then, there have been many changes in both teams. The Warriors have a new coaching staff and many new players have joined them from other Romanian teams.

Since then, the Bulgarian team has played numerous matches in Bulgaria and abroad, including in the summer, participated in all state flag football tournaments, and the players have not stopped training. However, the lack of sponsors and a suitable field for training have a negative impact.

Therefore, the upcoming meeting is full of questions and will offer viewers the best of American football. The Romanians have always had a strong line and good running with the ball in attack, therefore the Bulgarian team, in addition to its strong defense, must also show a good game in attack.

The Bears will also rely on the support of their loyal fans.