Sofia Bears 19:13 Bucharest Rebels! hero banner

Sofia Bears 19:13 Bucharest Rebels!

Sofia Bears 19:13 Bucharest Rebels!


Sofia Bears 19:13 Bucharest Rebels!

On October 12 (Sunday) at 15:00 at the Old Academic Stadium (behind the Pliska Hotel), the Sofia Bears welcomed the team of Bucharest Rebels in the first match of this year's Balkan League of American Football.

On the sunny Sunday afternoon, over 400 people enjoyed a real American show. Both teams came out to win, and the girls from VS Dance further heated the atmosphere with their attractive performances.

The Bears started the game strong and after several successful runs, followed by a pass from Christian Chan to Todor Stamenov, they managed to score the first touchdown of the game. The Romanians, of course, wouldn't have given up so easily. There were several strong attacks on the ground with the ball work of their powerful running-backs

Despite the lack of their starting captain, the Bears defended with their everything and never gave the Romanians a chance to score, stopping them almost in the end zone. However, the offense continued its good game and after a pass to the newcomer to the team Edvard Berov raised the score to 12: 0.

Thus the half ended with a comfortable lead for the Sofia team. However, nothing was decided.

At the beginning of the second half, the Rebels, although playing mostly on the ground, quickly returned one touch-down, after a mistake by the defense and a well-finished pass to the receiver Radu Ene, adding an extra 1 point and making the score 12 to 7.

That only motivates the Bears even further to regroup and play even harder. In the last quarter, the game was difficult for both teams and the ball constantly changed possession. The good game of the Bears' defense ultimately proved to be key and after a blunder by the Romanian quarterback, the safety of the Bulgarian team Anton Doykov made an interception and put on the scoreboard and the first points of defense, which made the score 19:7 after the extra point from a shot by Todor Stamenov.

The comfortable lead unfortunately melted quickly after the so-called. Fake punt (kicking simulation), where after a pass the Romanians reached the Bears' end zone and in the ensuing run scored to make the score 19:13.

Until recently, the Bears fought to maintain their fragile lead and after several successfully won first downs, the referee played the end of this dramatic but happily ended for the Bulgarian team first match of the Balkan League in American Football.

The incredible support from the audience and the wonderful organization led to the transformation of this match into a real sports show.

Thus, the Bears will temporarily be at the top of the standings – at least until their next visit on November 9 – namely the heavy rival from Serbia – Kraljevo Royal Crowns.

Photos: Hristo Petrov, Konstantin Vasilev