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The Sofia Bears won in Serbia

The Sofia Bears won in Serbia


The match was under very good refereeing and perfect organization by the hosts.

On June 12, in the city of Bor, Serbia, the Sofia Bears face a Serbian team for the third time - against the "Golden Bears" from Bor.

The match is part of the team's preparation for their upcoming 8-on-8 Arena Football tournament this summer.

The visitors were determined to show the Bulgarians that they are the best team in arena football in Serbia, and they took the lead in the first minutes. However, this did not bother the bears in the least, who already have serious experience at the international level. This turned out to be the only touchdown for the home team – the strong offensive game led by quarterback Christian Chan left no chance for the home team even for an honorable performance. Receivers Nikolay Angelov and Todor Stamenov scored three very nice touchdowns.

For its part, the defense of the bears with captain Alexander Kenanov was also not bored and stole several balls from the opponent, with 3 of them the defense converted into touchdowns and did not leave any chances to the opposing team, which for the entire second part of the match passed only 2 times on average line. Final score 48 to 8 for the Sofia Bears.

The match was under very good refereeing and perfect organization by the hosts. These two teams will definitely meet in the future, as we expect the Golden Bears to return to Sofia.

What's ahead:

On July 24, August 7 and 21, the Bulgarian team will face some of the best teams in the Balkans. The Bears were selected to participate in one of the elite tournaments in our western neighbor - Arena Football League - under the auspices of the Serbian and European federations.

Tournament participants:

* BELGRADE Blue Dragon

* FIREVAC Outlaws


* BOR Golden Bears

* Sremska Mitrovica legionnaires


* TIGERS SARAJEVO (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


The tournament will be held in Serbia, or more precisely in Bor, Belgrade and Sremska Mitrovica.